Sunday, March 5, 2017

Betsy Ross Embroidery

On the subject of cross stitch and framing, this evening my mom had started some work of her own on stretching the canvas of this very old Betsy Ross embroidery image. She's always wanted to frame it; the surprising thing is what age she was was when she did it, around eleven. The stitches are perfect, and I'm amazed by how consistent she was with satin stitching (which is my least favorite embroidery stitch; always have trouble preventing puckers and bulges).

At one time it had been backed on a piece of cardboard, which it thankfully was removed from for the sake of preservation.

A lot of framing work has been going on at the table, both for embroidery and cross stitch pictures. I've been a side observer of the activity, and record keeper of the results.
A bit of careful stretching, boarding, and framing resulted in a very nice outcome. The frame used for this one was from the collection of frames we've been keeping.

I personally enjoy vintage embroidery patterns and sewing projects because I've found satisfaction in the process of outline stitching, and other embroidery techniques. Seeing this piece on the mantel reminds me of that.

I also have memories of Betsy Ross, because one time I did a report and display on her history and things about the American flag. It led to interesting discoveries about hemp and different kinds of cloth, along with how to make star shapes from a single piece of paper.

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