Thursday, February 2, 2017

World Travel Journals- TJ Max Find

I have a fetish for blank journals, it's true. Any book that's empty excites me, and every so often I add to my collection of journals in my book case.

During a visit to TJ Max this evening, there were multiple journals that caught my eye, each of them world and travel based. Two were sets, and one was by itself. That made it six books in total....which I will now have to find space on my shelf for.
These two little pocket sized books (Eccolo- World Traveler) were once part of a set, but their third partner I believe was stolen from its package, so these were sold at $1. 50 each.
The insides are medium spaced blue lines on cream paper (left). I plan on keeping these minis in my purse for basic notes.
To the right is the spine of the largest journal which also has to do with travel, but is from a different company called Punch Studio.
The book is kind of like an Indian travels book. Its centerpiece is of an elephant with the word Explore on it, and the rest is accented with metallic gold designs. The paper of the cover is kind of a nice faux canvas in texture; I like it when paper feels like canvas while still being paper.
Inside of the cover and front page are patterned, but the fun doesn't end there. The main reason the book caught my eye isn't so much for its cover, but rather its decorated insides.
There are four different designs throughout the book in repeating order. The theme of travel and the muted colors of the pages make me feel at ease, a good thing for writing out ideas and stories.
Lastly came the three pack set of thin notebooks wrapped nicely with a metallic gold burlap ribbon that includes a colorful tag with more gold designs. This kit, like the Explore journal, is from Punch Studio.
Each book has its own design and sentiment. "There is still so much to see", "Adventure Awaits", and "To travel is to live". I love the colors and shine of these thin note books, which may also be destined for my purse during travels.
The insides of the books are small spaced blue striped white paper (left). The weight of the paper in these books is thin though in comparison to the Explore journal.
Guess it's obvious what my heart is in the mood for. Travel. To discover, to dream, to see, to live.
Thankfully TJ Max is a discount store, so the price for the books was decent enough. Having these new books only makes me feel more determined to try and fill them along with the others I have on my shelf.
I do write a lot, but where I'm not writing in ink, I'm writing with text. Sadly, typing is faster than hand writing cursive messages on a paper, especially when you want to get the words out as quickly as possible while they're fresh in the mind.

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