Friday, February 17, 2017


This evening while in the bath, I found myself seeking for amusement during a boring 30 minute soak. I took with me an odd hair thing which has always reminded me of a leeches mouth, somewhat spiky and made from plastic. As I sat there, I played around with my dark blue wash cloth, bunching the one end and clasping the hair thing to it.
As I moved my rag around in the water, holding it by the plastic hair device, it reminded me of some sort of living creature, like a leech with a very large, beta fish sort of tail. During this moment an idea formed, what would this creature look like and be like, based off my crude bath toy?
Suddenly the idea was planted in my mind, and I immediately got to work on designing it after retiring from my bath. What is it?  A fish, a leech, a fancy fish leech? I decided to call this creature a fleech, which is kind of like a leech, only they have an eye inside their mouth, spikes on their body, a set of gills, and serrated fins. The barbs on their fancy, black seaweed like tails are sharp enough to cut one who grabs them, but the spikes on their body fins serve a different purpose. 
They use the fin spikes to cling onto a meal before biting their prey and feeding on the blood. 
I made a main illustration to display two fleeches in a scene, since I had created two sketches of the creature and decided to just put them together.

Here are the fleeches by themselves. I experimented with color and lighting for the heck of it, had a little fun.
The main fleech was sketched out on paper, something I did to preserve the idea while it was still fresh in mind. The PSE program wasn't opening, and I didn't feel like completing my first sketch in a different program. The second fleech was actually my first sketch that I worked out in Firealpaca. 
I decided to keep both sketches and include them in one illustration as a way to add depth.

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