Friday, February 10, 2017

Bead My Valentine

I had stopped to take a picture of spilled beads in a bin, the colors perfect for Valentine's Day. They had accidentally been spilled, and a better container was found to hold them. I took a turn of sorting the seed beads into separate containers, stopping briefly to get a picture of the perfect color assortment.
The main photo is shown on the right. It's not till tonight that I played around with editing and created a Valentine's Day card with a fun pun for crafty types, "Bead My Valentine".
Imagine this being used as an advertising ploy. Boxes of light pink and deep red, with gold lettering that shines in the light just as sparkling beads in the shades of Valentine's Day shine through the heart shaped window of the packaging. "Bead My Valentine" would be the sentiment, and like a box of chocolates it could be given as a gift to someone who likes beading.

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