Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ring Around the Nosey

Finally, this evening I had an urge to make these faux album covers. "Ring Around the Nosey" has been a pun based name in my project list for many years. I've had the concept twirl through my brain more than once alongside several other fake music groups that have come to mind.
This one in particular was inspired by my character Erozion from the Life of Lewa series (a fan fiction one day to be phased over into a new setting), especially by the episode where Ero gets himself some piercings in rebellion against his fathers consent, and faces trouble for doing so.

I dreamed of what this album cover should look like from the beginning. The original concept was closer to that of the bottom version of the covers shown above. Originally it wasn't a photograph either, it was painted, with obvious brush stroke detail in a digital program, and it was completely gray scale, more on the greenish gray side. I aimed for something close to what I first dreamed of, but tweaked stuff along the way, specifically that little glowing touch of green on the nose ring nobs.
Call it strange, but the picture needed that hint of green.

Here's a secret, the fake name of the composer is meant to mimic code names of Erozion. Eron Vuna is a jumble up of Erozion Nuva, a joke added because all the symbolism of the album cover has to do with his character. The male face with somewhat puffy lips, the neon green shade a hint of his armor color and element of air, the barbed wire representing his rough edges in personality and thorns of a plant (control of plant life being his main element), the nose ring representing his rebellious side, and the pavement texture representing his love for the road on the comfort of his motorcycle.

After thinking up the name and concept image for this album, names for the songs of the album came to mind a few years later. All the titles have to do with piercings and rebellion, each one purposely made to rhyme with the next as the songs tell a story of a young man who starts off with one rebellion and faces trouble when he gets in too deep with the wrong crowd.
"Dark Light" and "Don't Fight" are names hinting to parts of the Life of Lewa story having to do with shadow beings, corruption of the good, and resisting the darkness as a hero should.

As I worked on the two concept covers for this fake album, I realized how dark and uneasy it made me feel. I guess that's a sign I did it right, displaying rebellion through art, and really bringing out the darkness of the story I had made during a time I was in a dark mood myself.

Looking at this cover art now that it's out of my brain and visually in front of me, has also made me think on how bad my character Erozion can be. Lately I've asked myself the honest question of what kind of personality type Erozion is if he acts the way he does. Makes me wonder if I had something wrong with me when I invented him, because to this day I still love his character on paper....But I'm not sure I'd want to be close friends with him if he were a real person.

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