Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fairy Tree Stump Drawing

Today I downloaded the free, Japanese art program, "Firealpaca". It's widely known and loved for it's line stabilizing options and watercolor brush. I heard about it, and it was suggested to me because I've been wanting to create smoother lines in my work. PSE doesn't have line stabilizing, and neither do most other digital programs I currently have as far as I can tell.

I decided to put Firealpaca to the test so I can enjoy my outline work in future projects. After a little research on it, I went and downloaded it, then experimented and created the following image, "Fairy Tree Stump".

I find that so far I love the program. It's fast, opens quickly, works smoothly, the pen stabilizing has an amazing difference in appearance, and the watercolor brush makes blending a breeze. My little experiment was done purely with the pen brush set to the stability of 17, the watercolor brush for base painting, and the airbrush for fog.

The moss covered log was actually an accident. It was one of those scribblers that came to be when I was experimenting with the pen. I paused to notice the shape within the squiggles, and worked from there.

I could go on and on about how much I love the brushes, especially the symmetrical ones that make fractal doodles easy (and in this case mushrooms). The thing I find most charming though is the easy set up of creating and deleting brushes in this program. It makes so much more sense than PSE, putting me at ease when it comes to the idea of using special brushes in that program instead of PSE ones which are prone to glitching.

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