Wednesday, January 4, 2017

End of autumn Fairy Collage

For several days I've been working on and off at the craft desk to make this fairy collage. It all started with some scraps of Christmas wrapping paper for stockings, half a butterfly sticker for wings, and paint splattered leaves from outside.

I think it may have been on the first that I collected these leaves , and a few small twigs (one of which became the fairy's wand) while getting a dose of evening sunlight and facing boredom. 
Parts of the house have been getting painted, so drips are bound to find their way onto some of the greenery.

They looked kind of interesting somehow. Paint splatter in nature is uncommon to find, and the white splats on these red leaves seemed pleasing. The only time you would find these colors together naturally is if the leaves had been pooped on by a passing bird.

I finished the End of Autumn Fairy collage today, then scanned it, and also took a photo of it to see which one looked better after editing. Certain details are more prominent than others in the two versions above. On the left is the scanned version, on the right is the photo version.
I also took a basic picture of the fairy with no headdress before adding the rest of her details.
The way I made my fairy was by starting with tracing paper, then tracing her onto a scrap piece of drawing paper. The drawing paper somehow worked surprisingly well with Le Plume marker, and everything blended together nicely.

I preserved my leaves and dried them quickly using the wax paper and iron method. It made them a bit brittle, but I managed to work with it. This project actually gave me a reason to look up how to preserve leaves without losing their color. Unfortunately, when heat is applied to a leaf, the color is slightly dimmed.

It seems the close up photo of just the fairy is the best in clarity and color after editing, but this isn't the full illustration. I finished the collage with a circle of leaves to frame my fairy, then added Liquitex varnish to better protect the image.
I suspect just coating the leaves in varnish and skipping the wax paper under an iron method would have worked better.

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