Saturday, January 7, 2017

Coal Dancer Costume

I tackled multiple projects today, both in photography and fashion design. Above is a variation of styles based off a costume design I made back in  July of 2016.

I call it "Coal Dancer", a belly dance costume based off the concept of fire dancing, and inspired by a few Cirque outfits from the Varekai show. It's made to look like crackling hot coals with flames, or in the more basic versions, just flames.
The original design of  "Coal Dancer" was completed on July 21, 2016.  I was also inspired to make this design based on concepts of Bionicle and the elemental themes of that series, which have inspired many ideas in the multiple fan fictions related to that story that I've dabbled in.

In the Mata Nui investigators fan fiction, one of Sicline's acquaintances from the fire region named Coaline would be the one I'd imagine wearing this costume. Coaline's character is brief, she's an explosives expert and she owns a sports bar in Ta Koro....but who knows, maybe she dances on the side.

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