Monday, January 2, 2017

Cleo Denile Mummy Here

(Jan. 2, 2017)

 My Cleo De Nile doll arrived in the mail today. The moment I saw her, I loved her. Toy box art tends to interest me, so a few pictures before I unboxed the mummy seemed like a good idea.
She has a nice box and a pretty face. I've been wanting her for over a year, and only the original is the one I find prettiest.
Her hair is soft, her seams are clean, and she just seems better built than the newer the dolls got cheap after the first of their kind.
Cleo comes with removable gold earrings, arm bands, belt, cell phone hip case with removable phone (that seemed pretty cute), and headband.
She has nice fabric for her clothes, and her shoes are mummy wrapped. I also love the gold highlights in her hair.
The bonus is that she came with a gold stand. It says on the box she has a pet snake, but that must just be in story, because that isn't included as an accessory. No worries for me though, I have two miniature rubber snakes which can become her pets.

I went through the following photo shoot just to enjoy the first day of Cleo's arrival, and called the series, "Mummy Here".
Her bust shot started basic, then I played with some dreamy light settings both in normal and gold shades.

"Welcome to my chamber".
Gold setting (left), normal setting (right).

I set up a basic scene using fabric, scarfs, and wraps to create a royal room. The curtain is an actual silk scarf, which seemed fun for an Egyptian palace.

I felt gold lighting helped it feel warmer (left), a bit hotter too as Egypt would be. I was going for an old Egyptian movie kind of thing with that sort of lighting.

"Beauty Sleep"

I went through a whole series of Cleo resting like a mummy behind the sheer curtain. I even tweaked her eye so it looked closed. Cool light (left), warm light (right).

I went through different choices and have included them here.
These versions are nearly the same as the one above, only I blurred the background more and played with the color to see if I liked it.


When the curtain was opened it seemed like she'd be waking, so I played around with this scene lighting and color wise.

"A Cozy Throne"


These have to be my favorites for some reason. They just seem fitting for her character.

I also like the way her hair flops in these pictures.

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