Friday, January 20, 2017

Butterfly Blue and A Wedding Gown too

Today I sat down to design some fashion during the afternoon and evening. I started off with experimenting on a wedding dress idea based off two existing patterns in our collection, and worked over a photo of the person meant to wear it just for accuracy sake. 

I created four concepts, all similar, but each slightly different in the sense of material placement and the idea of laces or no laces on the bodice.
The material drawn represented some material in the fabric bin which hasn't been used in years. This fabric was once meant to be made into a brides maid dress, but that didn't happen.
These two patterns are what we thought of merging together to make the wedding dress; what I designed was made to show what that might look like.

This concept wasn't used though, since fitting is a daunting subject, and the experiment of fitting the dress pattern to the wearer wasn't turning out so well.
Right after designing the wedding gown, I went and designed my butterfly blue dress which is just the belled sleeve dress from the Vogue pattern. I drew out this basic design just to see how the style would look on my form, and applied to the chosen material. Seems it works rather well, princess cuts usually do.

There are so many accessories, and the choice of shoes which I left out of the design since that would take too much effort to pull off. At some point I may take pictures of the actual accessories I own which could go well with this outfit, and include them on the fashion page.
This is the fabric I hope to one day use for making the dress. It's silky, sparkly, and the blue in it is so bright that it naturally appears to glow.

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