Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 Snow Bound Barbie and Cleo

"Catch a falling snowflake"

Also on the seventh I had taken a bunch of pictures of some dolls in the snow. Now I'm getting back to the edited versions of those.

Barbie Nutcracker starred as the Snow Princess. Above is her scene of song and catching snowflakes.

"Winter wind blown"

Couldn't think of any other title. Two identical, but not exact pictures of the snow princess with her cape blowing through the wind as she twirls about, and maybe starts an opening for another cheesy winter musical.

I had taken the original photos and played around with cool and warm photo filters, along with blurred backgrounds to see if it brought more focus to the toy. I personally like the blue tinted versions most in the experiment, but I'm not really sure if the blurred backgrounds helped much.
"Beyond the Snowy Border"

I like this one for some reason, it's sort of mysterious to me. I'm reminded of Sleeping Beauty when looking at this scene, mostly because the way the doll stands in the snow like in a trance as she stares into the distance. Maybe her name is Princess Arora Borealis. :P


I took some pictures of her caped and ready to travel this unknown path of ice towards a distant land not far for me, but at least a half hour walk for her. I also took a picture that focused just on the doll and not the horizon (right).
"Ice Land Lady"

 Who knows where the snow princess is off to. Wherever it is, it's sure to be a chilling adventure. 
Just as I did in the cape version, I made one with a bit of background (left), and the other focused just on the toy (which I personally like most- right).
 These too were experimented with, but the blurring of scenery may not have made much of a difference.
"Far From Home"

Cleo's first time in the snow. It's far from home in the sands of winter.
Blue tinted version (right), warm original (left). Both are now edited for better color.

 I took three different pictures of Cleo admiring the snow, each one displaying warm and cool light settings, original background, blurred background, and snowy foreground editions.

I went ahead and made blurred background versions of Cleo in the snow.

I played with blurring backgrounds in my pictures because it seems to help bring focus to small toys, and slightly hides the fact they're small in comparison to a brick wall or large bush. 

And then I created fake falling snow for an extra touch of interest. Cleo is enchanted by the white flakes which fall and add to the cold, white "sand" around her. It's her first time of seeing snow, and she knows she's far from Egypt.

The snowy versions of Cleo outside seem to be the nicest of them all, and tell an interesting story of Cleo's beginning days as a member of my toy collection.

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