Saturday, December 31, 2016

Venus Songs

New Years is almost here, and I made a picture to welcome it.

Yesterday evening I changed my Venus doll into a combination of clothes (her exercise outfit combined with a Bratz skirt, necklace, and bracelets) which fit her punk like style. As she sat on my desk next to my new headphones, I liked how the colors complimented each other, so I decided to make some music themed photos of her with my headphones and the keyboard. I call the collection, "Venus Songs".

The New Year twist was an extra idea that came after I edited my chosen pictures. I like the way it looks, reminding me of a music poster for some kind of album or concert coming soon in 2017.

I did one version with warm light (left), then black light (right), the left version being the base of my New Years poster. Then I did full black light setting, a way to give it a night club atmosphere.

I blurred the backgrounds and added glowing light pollen as a way to set the  mood and emphasize the aspect of a party happening at the DJ corner.
The final close up is a little fuzzy, but I found that added a certain kind of charm. I then went through a few tweaking stages, to see if I could add a bit more life to Venus's face.

The original (left) seemed kind of spooky, and a bit lifeless, then I went in and darkened her eyes around the pupil using the burn tool (right). The reason I did this is because your pupils get larger in a dark room to let more light in, that's why Venus looked kind of lifeless in the original version. Using the burn tool also made her eyes looks shiny, like they're actually wet and reflective as real eyes are.

I found the larger pupils took some edge off of her, made her seem cuter too. Then I gave her a small smile, and drooped her eyelids slightly, to make her seem genuinely happy (left).

The final thing I tweaked was a challenge for fun, to make her left hand appear to actually hold the headphones cord. With a little PSE trickery I managed to maker her fingers appear bent (right)

The very last thing I did to increase her slight realism, was clone and smudge out her joints so she looked smooth.

A last minute idea came to mind after that, and I thought of a sentiment to add. "Unplug, unwind, and let's party!" This is a quote I find myself mentally shouting sometimes. :P

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