Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lime Grocery Tags and Accessories

During my crafting on the Lime Grocery journal, I challenged myself to find ways of using every part of a piece of packaging, and created many tags, along with a few accessories.

I used packaging from Trader Joe's lime sicles, Ball Lids, Culinary Circle pizza, and Whole Foods paper bags. It seemed like a good idea to make collection sheets of these accessories in case I ever wanted to print extra for one of my books.

I offer these print out sheets as fun things for personal use only (right click and 'save as' to use). I don't own the designs of the packaging used to create these tags, cards, tabs, and other accessories, I simply put work into making the accessories themselves.
Lime skinny note cards and tag decor paper strips (left). Ball and Lime cards (right)
Lime book tabs (left). Lime tags (right). Those are my favorite accessories.
Culinary pizza tags and Whole Foods large paper bag tags.

Paper bag tags with a bit of collage.

Alongside the tags, I also made flags out of bags and stamped them with various designs and colors. I then created print pages of these. To use them they simply have to be cut out, folded down the middle, and glued together over a piece of twine (example shown above).

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