Friday, December 9, 2016

Elf Card Experiment

This year I tried to make a copy of the "Is It Cold In Here?" Elf collage card for sending out to someone. (The original and full collection can be seen on the post Elf Collage Christmas Cards). I started on the second of this month, but faced some complications while making the card. The first print was too light, I had to print it a second time, then when I tried making the snow sparkly, it came out pink the first time.

One problem after another seemed to occur, like I wasn't meant to send the card. Finally, after cutting a second piece of white paper twice, and glittering it with a clean embossing glue pad, I finished the card today. I didn't actually send it out, so it may be for next year.

Printing obviously doesn't result in a sparkly card, which is why I had to take steps of creating a sparkly embossed overlay of snow. I also accented the lettering and snow flakes with sparkly jell pens of silver, red, and light blue. Extra paper was snipped to add over the reflective spots of the globe, a way to make the illusion of this still being somewhat of a collage. 
Pink snow, I'll admit, is a lot weirder than yellow... The reason this happened is because the felt applicator of the embossing liquid I was using had been contaminated with red stamping ink. I guess that's just a reminder to always clean the tip after every use.

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