Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Foody Photos

Hey food fans, hope Thanksgiving is a good one. :)

This years Thanksgiving dinner was great. The turkey was nice and moist, the gravy was delicious, and the corn casserole was better than a few times before due to the fact we used canned cream corn.

I remember using the same plate as last year for my food, finding its size is just right to hold a little bit of everything. I got what you might call the circle of life going on starting with sweet potatoes in their caramel sauce, savory bread pudding drizzled with turkey gravy, corn casserole, moist turkey breast meat smothered in its own gravy, and a bit of homemade cranberry sauce from 2014.
I would say it was just right, the flavors and textures perfect. I found the colors of the food themselves to be satisfying as well on my blue plate which seems to make many foods more appetizing in appearance.

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