Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rust Trees of November

It was a pleasantly chilly evening today, which was a good reason to go outside. Thankfully it wasn't cold enough for the need of a sweater. After a quick visit to the garage, I looked up at the sky, did a little vocal practice, then saw an opportunity to take some pictures of an inspiring view.
As the dim, setting sun's glow touched the trees, the leaves of them only reminded me of two things; rust with speckles of blood. There was something oddly spooky, yet somehow interesting and kind of pretty in a dark sort of way about them. Autumn on most occasions here, specifically the region I'm in, means the look of rot and death (with a hint of beauty if you have a taste for the Tim Burton-esque).
Sometimes you'll have an interesting golden, poopy yellow tossed in. But despite the muted colors, I still find the gradients of the trees interesting.

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