Monday, November 14, 2016

Mini Detective File Journals

Back to the subject of these mini detective file journals. Like their larger brothers  their covers are made from old file folders and their pages consist of a variety of materials. Their fronts are simply decorated, and their backs are plain (left).
I made these minis using leftovers from the first three detective journals. This was a good way to use up gathered materials still in the bag, and mini books are great for carrying in a purse or bag for those moments a good mystery idea might come along.

I made two, the one file folder already having some existing writing on it (left). On both I stamped "CLASSSIFIED" using a set of Martha Stewart letter stamps.

The one with just the stamping across the top (right) has been gifted to a writing friend who writes her own mystery novels. I thought a book like this would be fitting for notes and ideas put towards mystery writing.
I bound the pages using silver O wires after punching pages with my Bind-It-All. The way it looks from the side kind of seems interesting to me, maybe because O wires remind me of literal backbones of a book.
The first and second book have the same set up as far as papers goes. There are a variety of materials, everything from green paper that has printing on it, old calendar block sheets, used planner sheets, striped paper, a few miscellaneous texture pages, and small security envelop pockets throughout.

Both books have a front and back compartment built into the cover itself for storing little odds and ends.
The second book has the same compartment system as shown here, which was helpful for when I decided to slip some extra scraps to the mix for playing with in the book.
Above are some pictures to show the subtle different in material for each book. The second book does have slightly different patterned security envelopes and pages obviously, but is mostly identical to the first.
First book's side contents. I added the same kinds of materials for both books. I added in some planner pages for journaling, some scrap strips of graph paper for using to decorate or add labels here and there in the book, a few business slips, mini calendar pages, some address book pages, a bit of brown paper, and some file folder scraps for turning into tabs.
Again, the second book has identical items.

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