Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lime Grocery Collages

Continuing from the post "Waste Nothing Challenge-Lime Grocery Journal". A lot came from that project, including a collection of small art pieces created from the very scraps on the desk. This post is all about those little art pieces.

In the collection of accessories I made for the Lime Grocery Journal, there came this set of hand crafted postal stamps. All of them were made from small pieces of white paper, tiny scraps of paper bag texture, and some stamping on the end ones to the far right. 
I cut the rectangles with a pair of postal craft scissors, then proceeded to glue on bits of paper in a structured manner. I view these little stamps as individual illustrations, however simple they may be. 

The first one starting on the left reminds me of some kind of house or temple structure, next to it an I, then a pi symbol or archway, and the final ones are purely texture based pictures with letters as the focus, "GH" and "TAI". 
Personally, I find the colors and textures of the stamps to have a sort of islandy feel to them, just as the entire Lime Grocery Journal does. I think that's why I find these mini collages charming. How small are they? Only about 1.5x 1'', excluding the very smallest one which measures around 1 x 1 3/4''.

"Bamboo" (Nov. 23, 2016) "Green Boot" (Nov. 22, 2016)

Bamboo is a collage made from scraps of a popsicle box and Ball lid box. Measures around 10x7'', the title is created using a letter stencil and black marker, finished off with a flower stamped in light blue, and a black bubbly frame. This version of the image is the notebook cover version, and it was brought to my attention that the picture would look nice as just a card with no title too.

Green Boot is a false shoe tag I made, measuring around 4 x 2.5''. The green boot started as a piece of brown paper which looked like a boot, and tiny scraps of paper that looked like lace. With excess paper scraps, marker, and jell pen on a letter stencil, I made a small shoe tag for a mythical company called O Hara leather Co.
The reason I chose the name O Hara is because the green boot reminded me of Irish ladies, and that got me thinking the green boots are lucky.
The plant looks kind of like bamboo, but could be a number of things. My favorite idea is that it's some sort of alien plant similar to bamboo (left). 

"Lemon Grass" (Nov. 23, 2016). Lemon grass started as just a grass cluster made from the green cardboard strips of a Ball canning lid box, but after adding my title and a brown strip of paper for dirt (which I stamped), it felt like it needed fruit slices. This led to me cutting up another Popsicle box for the clip art, the rest of the box becoming yet another pile of scrap for tag making.

Both these collage pieces measure about 5x4''. I scanned these to use as journal cards in the Lime Grocery book.
ATC images, made from scraps of a Popsicle box after using most of it for tags and collage. I built upon some plain white scrapbook paper which I cut to size, then brought the frames some life with stamping, jell pen, and marker.

The stamps I believe are an Inkadinkadoo brand, and the frames are made from oddly cut inverted pieces of a lime fruit floes popsicle box which I used to create some tags for the Lime Grocery journal.
 "Lime City Scape" (Nov. 28, 2016)

After all that work on tags, confetti, and a few mini collage pieces including the ATCs, I ended up still having scraps left, so I used it to make another city scape collage. Most of it was made from scraps of a lime fruit floes box, but I also used scrapbook paper, a few bits of scraps from a cereal box, some brown paper scrap, yellow file folder scrap, and a Culinary Circle symbol from a pizza box (also very small details added with jell pen). 

This scrap collage is the largest of the lime collection, measuring 9x12''.  

I kept imagery of two versions for this picture. The first is just a view of the city without water ripples or a boat. I made sure to get a picture of the scene before adding more, just in case I want to have a plain view of the background (left).

Also, in both versions with and without the barge, I have one with extra train track added, and the other without. Couldn't decide which I liked more.

 After that I added water ripples using stamping and white emboss, plus a barge to complete the water view and emphasize the whole recycling theme, since this barge seems to be hauling recycled material. :P

The funnier details, parts of the train track structure are scraps from when I created my DIY confetti video. The little white, scalloped arches wedged in the corners of the central beams, and the rusted pillar with flower shapes cut from it on the right side of the image, are elements from when I showed how to create different kinds of confetti.
Even the buildings and barge with their rectangular windows were scraps used to create confetti by punching them with a  Bind-It-All.

The ground which holds the city above the water is made from strips using the top flaps of a cereal box, and the faint yellow illusion of light coming through the windows of the tall building and boat comes from backing the pieces with a bit of file folder.

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