Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lime green and Marketside Baseball book covers

Currently on the project list, two different book covers made from packaging. Now that I've finished the mini case file books I'm onto the next projects.
I've saved some green colored cardboard from a Linkyo defuser device. It was once the inside part of the box, made to hold the device in place, but now it's being put towards crafts.
 I like the top sentiment "Unwind Yourself" with the leaves on green. This part of the box and the removed tab from the larger part of the box are going into one of my nature books. As for the larger portion, I hope to play with it as a book cover with some pages and decorated insides using a few Whole Foods paper bags.
More about this project and others will be mentioned later, hopefully when I'm all done with them.
The second book I've started on is going to be made from this Marketside pizza box which came with some baseball cards. The box art itself caught my eye, so in the stash it went.
I've been putting off making it for awhile, but I've decided it's time to get it done before it's too late. I need to experiment and explore while I still have the ideas fresh in mind.
I've already cut apart the box tonight into the dimensions I want the cover to be, and have made score lines where the spine will be. I'm thinking this book may be interesting to keep baseball memories in. I know I'm not going to need a book like this, but experimenting with new ideas is fun.

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