Sunday, November 13, 2016

End of October crafts

Can you tell what I like? My inner goth and love for spiderwebs is apparent in my growing collection of ribbons, trims, and fabrics for using in journals and to create Monster High doll costumes.
Newest items in the bunch purchased yesterday are on the left and bottom of the display above. The scrunched and ripply elastic trim is what I've been wanting to make quick, easy tops for my dolls (requires less fitting).
It seems sort of random to talk about favorite Halloween trims, but taking pictures of sparkly things is just so much fun. :P
To the left are some new ribbon trims from the sale shelf of leftover Halloween goods. 70% off all Halloween items is hard to pass up when that means ribbon spools are only around $1.80 instead of $4 per spool. This year's grab is similar to last years grab (right), only this time the orange and black is sparkly, and the neat gold stuff is metallic.
 I was quick to get a few other things on clearance. Halloween paper napkins and foil goodie bags for Autumn. They have a nice foil sheen with colorful leaves on them, something I want to use in an Autumn journal that I've been gathering supplies for. 

The paper napkin pack was just as cheap as the ribbon, so I got some, and that means I get to play with them using decoupage techniques to create book covers, pages, envelopes, and pockets. I've never tried it before, but have seen what other artists have done with them. Cool stuff, so I look forward to experimenting myself, even more excited to try it because it's spiderweb themed. :D

My ventures to the craft store tend to end with me finding more than I came for, but so long as it's clearance or I have a coupon, it's hard to resist.
Seriously though, the main reason I went to Johann's is to find a corner punch for paper crafting. My corner punch broke because the metal's cheap and the device couldn't handle punching anything thicker than one sheet of card stock at a time. Though it was disappointing to have it break on me right in the middle of a project, it opened a window of opportunity to get something better, which I did. I found a three in one corner rounder from Fiskars with the same large corner rounding punch, along with a medium and small punch all part of the same device. 

From a personal preference as a paper crafter, I would say this new punch works rather well, so long as you don't try punching anything too thick (a couple sheets of heavy card stock at a time would be an example). 

I like the kinds of punches that face upward so you can see the alignment of your paper in the shaft. It helps me know the corner of my paper is flush with the punch.
I needed the punch more than ever to complete the pages of these mini detective case file journals, created from the leftovers of their larger brothers. I plan to make a more detailed post for this project later, aiming to possibly sell or gift these minis in the future when I hopefully have an Etsy store and proper set up. I'm sort of leaning towards the gift idea.

I found that making minis can be more productive and enjoyable compared to making large books which require more thought in the sense of how to fold and create signatures out of full length pages. In the case with mini albums that are around the same size as large greeting cards, I can make more pages at a faster speed because a single sheet of printer paper becomes two pages when folded in half.
Making smaller journals also means that despite having fewer supplies than normal for adding to something larger, for something smaller it will end up looking like double than what it is because, as I said, one page becomes two when cut down to size. 

This is just a peek at what's currently happening at the craft desk.

 Oct. 9, 2016

The spiderweb trim and some of the black trims shown in the main photo of my growing Halloween trim/fabric collection were actually bought on October ninth, along with a packet of aquatic blue trims. 
I got a few fun things for trying out on the sewing machine. The spiderweb trim was on sale in the Halloween section, I got the packet of teal trims for creating Lagoona fashion, and I got nine inches of some specialty trims including a fancy elastic band for creating a spiderweb skirt for my Monster High dolls.

I really like spiderwebs, and this trim is all sparkly, kind of a silver gray color in the light. It's going towards the wardrobe for one of the Monster High vampire dolls who can also play the role of a spider with the right costume. 

As for the aquatic trim, that will serve well for a whole future collection of Lagoona Blue fashion and maybe a few other projects.
 Oct. 10, 2016

My adventures in Halloween goodies didn't end there either. On the tenth I had found these Halloween washi tapes at A.C. Moore, for using in my new Spider Silk journal. Bats and spiderwebs are two of my favorite things for Halloween.
My eyes were also caught by the glowing green neon thread in the embroidery aisle of A.C. Moore. It's 100% polyester, and feels kind of weird, but the color was just too cool to pass up. I plan to embroider alien vine designs onto a Monster high doll shirt for Venus.
I have way too much to play with as it is for those dolls. Fabric for spiderweb dresses, trims for Lagoona, thread for embroidering a shirt, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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