Monday, October 3, 2016

Winter Wonderland Junk Journal

(Completion date- July 22, 2016)

The Winter Wonderland journal. Its cover is made from a cereal box, then decorated with shiny snowflake wrapping paper.

This project is part of the three Christmas in July journals I made, having been in the mood for the cold during that month.

I'd say the style of this journal is my favorite out of the three. The metallic wrapping paper just seems so perfect, like ice that reflects you....and yes, the pun is that you can reflect upon the past with a book like this. :P
I added one of my snowflake like doilies to the middle, sealing it on with Mod Podge, and then a coat of Liquitex satin varnish over the full cover, front, back, and inside.

The book is O wire bound, using the only sized white O wires I had. This is why I had to keep the book fairly small, and split it into two parts, creating a second journal with the rest.
It turned out for the best anyway, since I found some of the papers went well with a particular theme or style, most of them being better for the Cozy Christmas journal.
I created some paper banners for my title, then stenciled on the letters and used a few creative squeezing methods to fit the word wonderland within the limits of my cut out.
To continue the whole icy look, I used a light blue jelly role glaze and also light blue sparkly jell pen.
On the inside I glued a metallic silver patterned tissue paper to white card stock. I've had this pretty stuff in my stash for way too many years to count, and I assume this style of tissue paper is probably for wedding gifts.
The theme of this book is of winter in the mountains, a Nordic Christmas, and a ski trip through the land of snow. 
I wanted to experiment with flier images as art pages, the book's theme based around the images chosen. 
It kind of all started with the cover image of an L.L. Bean catalogue. This inspired the general theme of the book, and I finally found a place to put this picture, having liked it for a rather long time.
I found the skiing family to be charming, liking how it's a photo that looks almost collage like or painted. Someday I hope to find a way to replicate this kind of look in PSE.
I liked the look of a page that displays people making cookies (left). Sweets are the best subject, especially when it's cold out.

I used some saved wrapping paper of teal plaid with snowflakes, turning it into side loading pockets and placing it where the colors matched.
The plushy reindeer on red image made me think of a count down calendar, so I slipped in to match the page behind the snowflake pocket.
Fall For Snowflakes (left ), great title to keep, and then I took a few pictures of the Nordik winter section (right). I love the picture of the girl with fire wood, though the blue eyed dog is kind of spooky. 
I also added a security envelope with a texture that reminds me of ice on glass.
These two pages are a few of my favorites. The colors and simplicity of the little dining room scene (left) just makes me happy. 
And those's like looking at cloth peppermint candy canes (right).
Revive the wonder page is a message I like to have in a Christmas journal, since winter as a season is the wonder, the holiday itself not actually my favorite thing. I like books like this because I can write about what I wish real life holidays could be like, or at least describe what they're like when I imagine them.
I also added some holographic paper from a headphone box, finding its reflections and colors to be sort of icy.
More pages of blue and red. The odd wreath image (left) makes me think of something from Doctor Suss. And then we have the snow birds page (right) with a Netflix page for writing on.
Here's a peek at the pentagon picture window page (left), and I used part of a specialty tissue box to make a pocket (right).
The pentagon picture window page is from old days of study, and I found the ink tests in the corner picked up well on the opposing page colors. But I also used it as a silly way of framing the impish looking girl and her snowman. 
To the right is one of the last pages in the journal, made from a Joan's flier image with an added place to write.
I even have a Hanukkah page, liking the blue and staying with those colors for that section.
To the right is where the ski trip section starts near the end of the book. I had a lot of fun turning ads into writing spots.
Finally, here's a peek at one of the pages for snow games, with an added doodle page of meandering for quilts. I liked the way the squiggles looked, making me think of an ice rink, the patterns like the paths of the skaters. 

And now for another video flip through.

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