Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Wanderer

The Wanderer.

This is an emotion based piece using a desktop image, a personal photo, and some other interesting techniques in PSE.

It holds some personal meanings for me, but can tell a number of stories for anyone.

Many questions can leave you feeling lost, leave you aimless, and so you wander.

Where do I belong? asks the wanderer. You know where you were born, you know you come from a beautiful place, but you had to leave your birthplace at a very young age, so young you have no solid memory of what you saw there, yet when you see pictures of it, you know that's where you want to be.
Can I go back there, is that where I belong? I've lived in darkness for so long...what does living somewhere beautiful feel like? Would it be better? Would I feel alive there? Do I belong there?

You've lost your friends, you've been alone for many years. You discover you've been spoken to for your talents, not because you're loved for who you are by many you've called friend on the lonesome road. They abandoned you when you needed a friend, and only want you when they're bored or want to feed off of your talents.

The wanderer's heart is breaking, but still they push forward, through sunshine or rain. Is there someone out there waiting for me? Is there someone out there who can love me honestly? Are they lonely as I am? Are they like me? Will we ever meet? The questions remain unanswered, the future is unknown, in present time, the wanderer is still alone.

Each road is still a prison, a maze within the dark. The wanderer still travels, looking for a spark.
Their soul needs inspiration, their hands make great creations. their mind is where their company is, within vivid imagination.

What if you didn't know where you belonged, not knowing what being somewhere pleasant is like? What if you've lived in a prison most your life, and wonder who you get along with? What if you didn't have a choice and were unable to go back to where you came from? What if you remain trapped in the prison you currently dwell? Your happiness is destroyed in the dark, and you can't yet be free of the torment. So you remain wandering, waiting for change, hoping to find a door in the maze, and at last find release.

This could become an interesting story.
Since I experiment with multiple options, the following are concepts of the main version. I played with a just blue setting shown above.
And also a sepia gray setting of the rainy version.
Then there's the half blue half gray, no rain version.
The blue, no rain version.
And the gray, no rain version.

Personally I liked the ones that were combination shades of blue and gray for setting mood, but each of these can set a different mood for a different story.
The gray version would probably be fun to use in a Halloween journal or something.

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