Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Outside Your Home

"Outside Your Home"
Another photo manipulation I started and finished today. I've been a bit bugged by the fact PSE doesn't seem to save the rain filter the way I want to, losing translucency when it flattens for saving. Above is an example of that, and I couldn't find a way to save the image in higher definition without losing the translucent quality of the rain, so I devised a different method.
I print screened the image directly in the program, then pasted it to another file and enlarged it. Unfortunately some of the color qualities and details seemed to get lost in the process, but in this case it sort of works anyway since the scene is gloomy and purposely made to be somewhat spooky.
I played around with darker and lighter settings the darker version on the right and the lighter on the left. I started off with warm light versions, keeping the original photo shades as a focal point, but it just didn't seem pleasing enough.
It may still find a place in one of my journals for this depending on what mood I'm going for.
This is when I played with the same pictures of darker and lighter, with an added blue filter. The blue brought out something in the image I liked more. 

In some ways this image actually doesn't seem all that scary. It could tell more than a creepy story.
Like say.....what if the hooded guy is actually a good guy, and the home is of someone he loves, and his head is turned because someone is coming up behind him. Or maybe the hooded guy is stalking a murderer. The other possibility (suggested by an acquaintance) is that this is a disheveled young father who had lost his family, and always revisits what's become of the house he used to live in, but can never bring himself to get close or enter, so he waits outside for hours on end.

It seemed like an okay idea, but the figure I chose just seems too young to have lost a family. Granted, if he were say 26 and had experience the loss of a wife and infant, it would be a tragic story. But the gloom and body language of the piece seems to lean better towards more spooky concepts.

The other story idea it makes me think of is related to the image "Breakdown". You know, that picture of a human Erozion crashed on the roadside in the rain. "Outside Your Home" kind of has a similar feel, where a possibly human Ero is being followed from behind as he heads towards a friend's home in the dim of night through the rain. Or perhaps he's afraid to go home, which is why he's standing outside a friend's place debating on what to do. There are a number of ideas that come to mind.

I used one of my own failed images to create the background. At the time I had tried taking a photo of a house light across the street, liking the spookiness of it.
My hands weren't stable, and the camera doesn't do well in the dark, so the results were practically useless, but I saved the image anyway, thinking it may come in handy someday for a photo manipulation.
Sure enough, the idea came, and it seemed to be just fine as a background out of focus and in the dark . I brought focus to the foreground figure (a hooded guy I found on google images).

This is why I save even the reject photos, because they too have a purpose when the right idea comes along.

I extended the image by copying a strip of the color and duplicating it on a larger page.

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