Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Makers Halloween Mini books

Halloween is soon coming, and I've had these little minis made for over a week now. 
These recycled items were tossed in the pile of Halloween junk mail and scrapbook supplies I gathered together for the Spider Silk journal.

These are plain little notebook/sketchbook journals made from a tissue box and some packaging from a set of Halloween tights by Maker's Halloween. 

I added a purple ribbon closure to the Maker's Halloween mini. The look of it just seems so perfect as a book cover.

And the spooky tree tissue box is one of my favorite tissue box images, pretty, yet haunting. It's the second tissue box book I've made, using O wire binding methods.
Back side of the books. I left the Maker's Halloween journal the way it was front and back. The information and bar code seemed charming, so I left them.
For being so small, both books hold quite a few pages, and can serve well for writing, sketching, or even small wallet sized photos.
I used some pretty raven paper from my Halloween paper stack to cover the inside of my spooky tree book. The ravens seemed fitting for the theme, and style. 
The tree book contains sketch paper, with some black scrapbook pages in between as dividers.

The picture above shows the first page with just a plain sheet of black paper for the opening page.
Later I took the corners snipped from the inner covers for this book, and applied them to the back and front page for more interest. I felt it made kind of a nice spot to put a title or picture.
In the Maker's Halloween journal, I covered the insides with some leftover scrapbook paper.
It's one of my favorites, metallic skeletons and skull faces that reflect the light. Since the scraps weren't large enough to cover the entire inside, I accented the top and bottom edges with sparkly purple scraps.
Again, for this journal same as the spooky tree one, I used some corner pieces to make the front page more interesting. It's also a nice way to use up the tiniest of scraps.
The Maker's Halloween journal is made up of all scrapbook paper, mostly plain in the shades of white, purple, and black.
The only patterned papers added are in two spots of the journal. It kind of just serves as a divider in both sections.

The book only measure about 3 1/2'' x 2 1/2''. It's a pocket sized journal.

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