Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fish Bone Monsters

(Finished Oct. 17, 2016)

Fish bone beasts, creepy, yet cool in my opinion. This image series is a result of me experimenting with anonymous images I took of the refuse from the process of making fish broth. My intention was to somehow use those pictures in art, and I seem to have a found a way.
All images, including the lizard body on rocks, seaweed backdrop, and assembled head are from my own photo collection. Only part I got from google images are the eyes of the monster, taken from a photo of a sheep.
The head of the monster itself is essentially a collage done digitally, made from selected parts of the photos I took. I saw something in certain parts of those pictures and played around till I found something interesting in their ensemble. It all started with teeth, made from adjusted images of a fish spine. It started as a mouth and became a head.

Above is the male version of the fish bone beast. The male fish bone beasts have a spine crest that lines the front of their head, an extra bone support for protection during fights. They also contain extra frills on the sides of their head. These frills spread outward and glow to oncoming females during mating season.

 What the mythical scientific name of these creatures would be has not been decided, but I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.
Their species is amphibious, and quite large, at least 7 feet tall from head to toe when standing on hind legs. Their head measures about three feet vertically and around 2.5 feet horizontally from the widest part of their skull.
They eat mostly meat, but also some vegetation including seaweed.
Here's the second matching image of a female fish bone beast. The females don't have extra bone on the front of their heads, or large frills near their jaw. The somewhat translucent cartilage on the front of their head will glow when they seek for a male.
I made extra cards of just their heads, a way to display all the details.
There may be a second set of pictures for these beasts, ones of their heads with no eyes. Those images would be part of a creepier series based around their decay.
(Finished around Oct. 14, 2016)

Relative pictures of the fish bone beasts are these two images I call the Slime Spine, a picture to look almost alien like as though this fish spine is some kind of bug hatching from its egg. These pictures pre-date the fish bone beasts, and were a test run of what I could do with the fish broth photos.

Here's one of the photos I took, just to show an example of what I worked from to make the heads of the creatures. It looks kind of icky, which is exactly why it inspired me. What you see in this image is the cartilage and bone of a skate fish, mixed in with cod fish bones and vegetable matter.

All of the pictures I've made recently have been made with the view of how they'd look as cards or print outs to use in my journals or in other crafts. The artwork seems extra enchanting when I view it as something that can be put to use in an interesting way.

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