Saturday, October 8, 2016

Electro Manroe Notebook

 (Completed Sept. 29, 2016)

Electro Manro notebook. It wasn't long ago I had spoken about the art piece I made specifically for this mini notebook.

This idea started with the scrap backing of a circle template from Artist loft. It's weight and glossy surface seemed nice for a simple single signature purse sketch book.

I left the majority of it plain, leaving the back side white in case I ever feel like adding something to it one day.
And for a closure I used an old piece of elastic thread which I looped around the hole of the cover, able to stretch it on and off with ease.
The cover art fit nicely on the front, its colors chosen to pick up on the blues of the packaging. I purposely chose circle designs for the cover art as part of the theme since the cover is made from a circle template package.

As you can see in the side view in the middle image, I sewed my signature directly into the cover using a light blue thread.
First page is blue (left) and then you can see the middle of the signature (right). Super simple, but a great place to sketch, all the paper being plain drawing paper that's fairly light weight.
Back pages. One side of the blue paper is lighter than the other.
I even left the bar code and didn't cover up the insides (right).

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