Monday, October 24, 2016

Dryer Ball Fruit

 A few days ago I had been rolling this spiky little orange dryer ball over my forehead, then an idea came to mind. As I held the ball in my hand I started imagining how it looked like some kind of alien fruit, the tips of the spikes even being a natural greenish color from where the orange has worn away.

After a bit of rummaging in the plastic plant bin, I gave life to the spiky orange ball, then took photos of the alien fruit. I'm still trying to decide on how it would taste....maybe it would be like an orange or lime mixed with the texture and taste of pineapple. 
I took a good amount of pictures from different angles to use in photo editing, but the one here is what I chose for a main sketch page image. 

After using some filters and sketch techniques in PSE, I made it look like a botanical drawing, something you may find in Pearllight's notebook from her travels to other worlds, possibly somewhere in the Bionicle universe. 
Eventually I hope to add it to a book and write about it like it's a real thing. I'll have to think up a false scientific name for it and go into details on what it's like. 
If I ever do manage to make some kind of journal page about it, I'll probably be sharing it here.
I also made a more modern color and a gray sketch version of the image.
Here's a view of the original photo, charming in its own way, but I really feel the false sketch version adds a certain life to it.

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