Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Woodland Animals Baby Quilt

Around the same time half a year ago soon after the Feather Block Baby Quilt 
my mom put together this vintage woodland animal quilt. This was the first baby quilt, the feather one for a toddler bed. Again, all the colors and theme chosen were meant to be gender neutral.

The colors remind me of Autumn, so now is as good a time as any to share this family project. And when I say family project, I mean that on a large scale. This quilt was made as a keepsake for my niece and her mother, Each embroidery block done by someone different throughout outer family, their names signed on the blocks they did.
What was used to draw the embroidery blocks was experimental. Mom couldn't find anything at the time which drew well, till she experimented with watercolor pencil. The cheap Reeves brand worked best for this, and she used different colors to indicate different thread shades to be used on what part (as shown above). This was more for the outer families convenience seeing they worked together with younger members who wanted to participate in the process.
 I chose to work on the bunny block and got to practice more at the outline stitch.
The rabbit, squirrel, hedgehog, and turtle are vintage styled embroidery patterns designed by my sister. The other vintage animals were found online, but the collection was lacking in number for the amount of blocks needed, so extras were invented.
I had fun working on the sweet little rabbit.
My second block choice was the squirrel. It kind of ended up looking mischievous, much like myself.
I combined two different colors of thread for the fur of both critters, giving it a gradient color scheme like actual fur. I also stitched my name on with black thread, instead of using permanent archival pen. My name is kind of wonky, but I find this to be charming on things meant to be childish.
Here's the hedgehog, isn't it adorable? My sister did such a great job on her blocks.
I think what I love the most is the smile of it.
I got the idea from my sister to stitch my name since that's what she did.
The turtle is rather detailed, and my favorite part is the shell.
The rest is down below. Each family member did their block then sent it back through the mail. Mom then got to work on making the quilt, and each day I got to hear her say how much she loved glue, using a glue method to piece the blocks together before sewing them.








I loved the animal fabric chosen for the quilt squares. Mom purposely framed at least one of every animal into a block. Her favorite print was the mushrooms.

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