Sunday, September 18, 2016

Feather Block Baby Quilt

Sometime a little over half a year ago, this project was going on. It was being made as a gift for my baby niece, and was in colors that could be for a boy or girl since at the time no one knew what the kid would be.

My sister wanted woodland themes, for some reason liking this feather pattern that she saw online.

It was a lot of work, not saying that in the sense of experience, but in the sense I watched my mom toil and gripe over this thing. The colors and overly time consuming feather blocks just weren't her forte, but regardless the quilt itself ended up rather pretty.

Personally, I like the colors, but I like bright colors and batik's of every shade. And I did help with deciding where to place the blocks, so I can't say I wasn't involved in the art process.

I like the feathers because they're like collage, only made of fabric. Even the black stems are pleasing, having a satin sheen to them as real feathers do.
My favorite thing about the quilt is the border. The rainbow colors with a black scale pattern reminds me of dragonfly wings. This project left some scraps of it which I hope to play with sometime.
Even the backing of the quilt makes me happy. Batiked fabric in my favorite shades of color, with a pattern that makes me think of swirly jellyfish. This stuff would be so cool on a tropical quilt.

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