Friday, September 23, 2016

Electro Manroe

Electro Monroe. Recently I had put together a small sketch pad made from scrap backing of a circle template. The blues and white of it made a nice cover, but it still felt like it could use something more, so I got to work making some cover art for it.

I've been wanting to play around with some clip art I had cut from a flier long ago of this Marilyn Monroe-esque face. I had scanned it a long time ago so I could play with it digitally, and now I have.

This style, the color scheme, the background, all that, is based off my concepts of Neon City. I hope to play around with a lot more, but this image and Bubble Blue Electro are the start of my Neon City Ladies art collection.  

I couldn't decide which was more pleasing, the one where she's gray with blue, and more detailed, or the paper cut out version where she's gradients of blue. I think I might be leaning for the second one, even though the first reminds me of Tron.
I didn't stop with just a plain setting, feeling it may look better with some text. My first text choice was "Sound Ripples" like a message hinting that Neon City has a bay.
Second version is "Electric Beat". The circles reminded me of speakers sort of, but I think I prefer the sound ripple version more.

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