Friday, September 30, 2016

Detectie Case Journals 2-3

 Some of you may have remembered the first Detective Case File journal I did. I had plenty of material left after the first one, so I made two more, having finished these both back around the first week of July. 
For those who enjoy simply junky, somewhat grungy file folder journals, the video above is for you.
I'm glad I decided to use my Roman font stamps for the second book. A big classified in red is more eye catching compared to the little tiny title I used on the first file book.
Also, the second book made from an old Mead journal already had shiny silver font on it.
Here the two books are side by side, as you might see them on a detectives desk. My inspiration to make two more of these books all started when I pulled the old Mead cover from my stash.
The material is like a faux leather, slick yet durable. I didn't know what I would be using it for till I remembered all the leftovers I had for making a few more detective case file books. 
This time though I decided to add fewer pages to each, splitting up the pile into two parts so the books would have room to expand as content is added. 
I know for a fact they'll get thicker as I work in them because the first file book has already gotten chunky, and I didn't even do that much to it, other than add some collage.
 Here's a peek at some of my favorite sections. I glued part of a grungy map to a folder and added a Netflix paper to pick up on the red in the map.
I even had fun adding a gauze packet, which I'm sure can lead to some interesting stories. The rest is pretty simple, added some planner paper, envelopes, and calendar pages.
I even used paper that's not so perfect, like this page which came from a larger sheet of paper that someone stepped on with a dirty boot.
I thought that was funny, so I added it in as a "clue".

I also added part of a map page from some big map book I've had in the stash.
Second book is pretty much the same, only it has some of the better parts of the grungy map, and textured envelopes.
I also added some of my own things, like the page with a pentagon, a practice sheet from the time of sacred geometry study.
Along the way I added in some rejected striped paper sheets that I had printed for a different project.
And the second book also got part of the map which was large enough to split for both books.

Can you believe after making these I still have scraps which can be turned into a mini detective case journal....That idea is on the list, so you might be seeing it sometime.

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