Saturday, September 17, 2016

Butterfly Embroidery Pillowcase

I forgot to share this project and a few others relating to embroidery done around 7 months ago. It's not till recently when I started on Hello Kitty embroidery blocks for a quilt, that I  remembered the previous embroidery projects I've done.

The first embroidery project I've touched in nearly a decade is this butterfly border pre-printed on a couple of pillowcases.

I chose new colors instead of going by the suggested ones shown on the package, finding dark blue, medium blue, purple blue, two colors of pink, and a celestial turquoise pleasing as night colors. 
These specific shades help me to feel enchanted and sleepy, an appropriate choice for something meant to be placed on a bed.
You can see here, the original colors for the border are warm and cheery, like a spring day. I used this image to mark new numbers on as a guide for the shades I'd be replacing these warm colors with.

The unfortunate thing about embroidered pillowcases is that once you make them, it's hard to feel right using them when you consider how dingy they become after awhile.

The big blue butterfly is the obvious focus of the border, and the turquoise color is the most eye catching part in my opinion.
I worked carefully on the smaller parts, this project helping me learn basic stitches I hadn't tried before. Cross stitch isn't new to me, but when I worked on this I also learned how to outline stitch and satin stitch (satin stitch being my least favorite).
I also got to try my hand at the daisy stitch to make the flowers, along with French knots.
It took multiple tries till I was able to make decent flowers, the key to pull your thread gently before tacking down the petals. 

After working on both pillowcases, I was delighted to find my memory retained the knowledge of how to sew every different stitch I learned. I also discovered that embroidery is my stress relief. Some people sketch, others doodle, color, or whatever else, but for me it's embroidery which is kind of a mindless sort of craft when you're simply following an outline.

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