Monday, August 1, 2016

Candy Cane Cookie Journal- incomplete

As mentioned in the Jingle In July Journals-sneak peek I'm sharing the first of the three journals displayed in that post.
The reason I say the Candy Cane Cookie journal is incomplete is because it's missing a few small details. The front cover has part of a Candy Cane Joe Joe's box glued to it, but the back remains being flat. I wanted to add the same image to the back of the book as I did the front, but only one side of the cookie box has a vertical image, the other half didn't look right as part of the book cover. Unfortunately I only had one saved cookie box, and Trader Joe's only gets these cookies in during December, so I'll have to wait till the season comes around again to get another box of cookies and complete the cover of this journal.

By that time I hope to have completed internal details and made it into a kept journal that I can then share in its complete form.

I used a cereal box, brown paper that's been crinkled, brown and metallic gold paint, Candy Cane Joe Joe's box, and scrapbook paper to make my cover. All of it has been sealed with Liquitex satin varnish.
The spine of the cookie box served well as a spine accent on the book I think. Kind of has a Nutcracker story vibe to it. You can see from the side it's a rather filled book of random materials making up a total of five signatures.

It has everything from Target holiday bags that have been sewn together, plain paper, striped paper, old calendar print outs, scrap doodle pages, flier pages, envelopes, and food packaging.
The main themes I was going for with this book revolve around holiday desserts, candy, gifts, and surprises. My front page choice was a flier image of a peppermint candy cake, complimented by candy cane colored scrapbook paper as the inner cover.
I had to think of creative ways on how to make signatures out of the many different materials I wanted to use, some of them varying in size and shape. after some experimentation I found a way to add everything in while keeping my favorite pictures in tact. 
The second page of this book makes me happy because on one side we have the cake and its recipe, on the other we have a bag that says icing. Put the two together and you have icing on the cake. :P

Below I have a video flip through of this incomplete journal. One day I hope to show a video of it with more added, but till then enjoy the following.

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