Monday, July 18, 2016

Onu Koro Glow Weed fashion design

You may not remember the post I made back in 2013, but this is an improved version of the Onu Koro dress design. 

I introduce Onu Koro Glow Weed outfits. These designs are still based off the original concept I based the first dress on, that being Bionicle Onu environment plant life themes. 

Here are the old references. The original design (left) was made when I was rather young, so it's not quite as eye popping as the new ones.
The third dress design from left to right in the panel below was based off the original outfit concept shown here. I still made adjustments of course so the design matched the glowing seaweed look of the plants shown in the image to the right just above.
The middle versions are the more casual styles of glow weed outfits. Glow weed is just what I call the plants of the little thumb nail scenes by the way. Actual names for the glowing plants in the Bionicle universe were never provided.

After making the first two casual designs, I was inspired to make two belly dance designs. The first and fourth versions were the result.

Color schemes started with a neon teal, and a neon mint green displayed on black. Eye popping as they are, I felt they didn't quite match the color of the actual blue plant displayed in the middle thumbnail.
That's why I made a second panel with adjusted color scheme to more accurately match the original shade of that plant.

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