Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rag-Doll-the Batman

 Another unlike me kind of art piece with a half morbid twist.

As I continue watching Batman cartoons to pass the time, I find myself interested in the characters, one in particular rather creepy for the first moment he appears in his episode, "Ragdolls to Riches". Ragdoll is a bit like Scarecrow, only a contortionist thief, a not entirely threatening figure as far as role goes, but his appearance is what gave me an idea.

I thought to myself, what would a more realistic, textured version of Ragdoll look like? With the adjustment of his mouth sewn up with yarn instead of displaying perfect white teeth. How creepy would this guy be in a movie setting instead of a cartoon? I imagined he would be a rather disturbing sight to see, especially when he's squeezed up in a vent, staring through the grate.

I then asked myself how much more disturbing he would be if he weren't just a thief, but rather a psychopath with a desire to turn people into rag dolls. this resulted in the blood stained version above, a much too morbid concept for a cartoon, but a concept better equipped for an alternate Batman comic.
I made a regular version on the left, and a blood stained letter version on the right. The way I made this was by taking an image of the actual character from the cartoon, then selecting shapes from his from and adding texture on like a collage. 

I had fun adding the text and making it appear sewn together with the same yarn as Ragdoll's mouth. Never thought I'd find myself making Batman fan art. :P

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