Monday, May 23, 2016

Matcha Mint Chocolate Maiden

Matcha Mint Coco Maiden was one of those more experimental collage pieces, not the best in structure, but made to preserve the memory of a product over being an art piece.

The Vosges mint matcha bar is an incredible kind of chocolate, perfectly tempered, perfectly balanced, and just an overall super yummy, but expensive chocolate bar. It was on clearance at World Market, which is why we got some to try.

I loved the packaging, inside and out. Even the wrapper was fancy, so I decided to preserve the artistic qualities of this chocolate by combining the packaging with a main focal point in a collage setting.

The wrapper design seemed kind of fitting for something Arabic, I had a purple plastic bag that I wanted to use for something, this seeming like the right project to include some of it in. 

At first I was unsure of the theme I was going for, and went more by color than anything. In the end I got the Matcha Mint Maiden, a belly dancing princess known for her regions chocolate mint matcha bar. 

Above on the left is the photo version compared to the right image which is a scanned version.
The details are hard to see, so here are some close ups.
 I used parts of the chocolate box, chocolate wrapper, printed butterfly, plastic bag, scrapbook paper, and flier images to create this collage.

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