Monday, May 16, 2016

Lagoona Water Power

As mentioned in the previous post, here are the extra scenes from the collection "Feeling Blue". I wanted to capture some scenes of Lagoona doing things at her desk besides crying and reading.

To the left is the elaborate version of "Water Power". I imagine Lagoona to have a few special abilities that come with being a sea creature (kind of like water types from Bionicle). I like the idea of her having an ability to control water and use it to heal. I also imagine she has a great singing voice that can hypnotize and lure people in. 

The glowing version is to show her practicing her water power at her desk, perhaps having read a few things in one of her books on how to form a healing orb. The original version is on the right.
I took a few extra pictures of her playing with water. Maybe she can randomly form water in her hands if she concentrates. :P I played around with the right version to see what it would look like in the style of Water Power. Results are below.
You only need to trust me.
Just to be silly, I ended my photo shoot with a photo shoot. Lagoona is doing the same thing I do, taking pictures of a toy.

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