Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Feeling Blue-Lagoona Doll Picks

 Back on Monday I got my Lagoona Blue doll. I had a few ideas after opening the box and taking several test photos before trying out an actual photo shoot complete with props.

One of my ideas was to have a blue Lagoona, in the sense of feeling sad, a theme that matches her skin shade and last name.
 This sad sea creature has a lot of time on her hands, to read or take photos, but she's lonely despite all the things she can make. 

I took one of my favorite angles out of the collection to make the photos above. Her tears are actual water drops I dribbled on her face with a dropper, then with some filters I created some different mood settings. I used some smudge tool techniques and clone stamping in PSE to make her eyes appear wet and droopy, her eyebrows curled upward, and her lips curled down slightly.

During my first try, I only added one tear drop.
Didn't bother messing with her facial expressions for all of them. Perhaps in the non edited versions she's shedding tears of joy or is feeling emotionally moved by the book she's reading.
One tear made it seem like she was just starting to cry, so I tried out a few more for a different look.
I found I liked extra tears better. I know when I cry my eyes do drip like a waterfall, so imagine how many tears a water creature may let off.
I noticed the entire time of this photo shoot her eyes were kind of directed at the mermaid doll on the table.
You can see the original version of the image on the left which I used for the main "Feeling Blue" pictures at the beginning of the post.
The props I added to the table were based around what I do on a daily basis; look through books, haul around my purse, write in my journal, and also take photos of toys or other things of interest to me.
The final photo on the left contained the most dripping, like she had been crying a river which now drips from her cheeks, and chin. 

Extra scenes of Lagoona at her desk will be shown later. :)

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