Monday, May 2, 2016

Cotton Candy Map Fashion

Cotton Candy Map Fashion.

I've been rather inspired by the maps from The British Library, and though I still want to try this technique as an actual collage, I enjoyed making a fashion piece out of maps in digital format. 

Everything but the 20's styled woman and the hat feathers are from the British Library. Feathers were made by me, and the vintage lady is from another vintage image collection online. 
Can't decide which version of the image I prefer, the one with the light blue map or the one with the green and brown. I'm leaning for the latter, but both could make a great greeting card or book cover (especially a book cover in my opinion).

I was inspired to make this when I first saw the pink colored map shaped like a high heel shoe. Most the map collection was used in the final piece, parts of it used for the background and pink overlay of the dress.

I also used a black and white map for the actual skirt of the dress, and adjusted other selections to match color scheme.

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