Thursday, May 19, 2016

Corn and Squash Fairy

The corn fairy, an idea inspired off the appearance of corn silk. I imagined the corn silk to be the long flowing hair of a woman, more specifically a corn fairy. Imagine little fairies clothed in corn kernels and husks, their hair appearing as corn silk. 
at first glance you would think all corn stocks contain an ear of corn, but look closer and you may see the fairies that hide in their own pod, the corn silk their hair sticking out of their cozy hiding place.
I have the noon day version, and above is the sunset version.

I've had the idea for years, reminded every summer when we get corn and tear off the husks. For me, this picture captures the beauty of summer, corn fields being a rather magical thing from my view, no matter the season.

I started this image early, reminded of the idea when I looked at my calendar and saw that this weekends full moon is called the corn planting moon.

I used images of botanical corn drawings and butterfly wings from the Graphics Fairy, used a basic photo of a corn field for the background, and the fairy herself is from a Nouveau motif collection.
 The squash fairy.

You'll find her tip toeing along the ground in her squash flower dress, tending to the vines and their fruit. Sometimes she'll collect the seeds in the folds of her skirt and carry them off to a dirt patch for planting. 
The thought of yellow squash fried in butter makes me love this all the more.

The corn fairy image inspired me to start a whole line of vegetable fairy themes. Flower fairies are already a popular theme, but I think vegetable fairies can be just as fun. This idea has made me enjoy the thought of gardens and warm weather, two things I don't normally like to go out into for various reasons.

I'm not sure how far I'll go with the series, but next in line may be a cabbage fairy.
I was unable to decide which I preferred, but here's a view of the no wing version of the squash fairy, It only felt right to give her wings though, otherwise she wouldn't be much of a fairy.

Image was created using botanical art of various squash plants, some selected grass ground from an old postcard, and the fairy being another Nouveau motif.

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