Saturday, May 28, 2016

Chowder Shack Dream Sketch

Made this sketch based off a dream I had awhile ago where I was walking along a pier during sunset, and go into this lovely weather worn teal seaside restaurant for chowder.

Dreaming of Maine, the image in my head never left me, especially because I was having some emotional longings back when I had this dream. Never been to Maine before, but the dream matched photos I've seen.

Parts of it are distorted, hard to say how far the grassy hills and sidewalk are from the water, all I know is that they were to the left.
I made a non filtered version to show it as noon day instead of sunset. Dreaming in full color is great.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Matcha Mint Chocolate Maiden

Matcha Mint Coco Maiden was one of those more experimental collage pieces, not the best in structure, but made to preserve the memory of a product over being an art piece.

The Vosges mint matcha bar is an incredible kind of chocolate, perfectly tempered, perfectly balanced, and just an overall super yummy, but expensive chocolate bar. It was on clearance at World Market, which is why we got some to try.

I loved the packaging, inside and out. Even the wrapper was fancy, so I decided to preserve the artistic qualities of this chocolate by combining the packaging with a main focal point in a collage setting.

The wrapper design seemed kind of fitting for something Arabic, I had a purple plastic bag that I wanted to use for something, this seeming like the right project to include some of it in. 

At first I was unsure of the theme I was going for, and went more by color than anything. In the end I got the Matcha Mint Maiden, a belly dancing princess known for her regions chocolate mint matcha bar. 

Above on the left is the photo version compared to the right image which is a scanned version.
The details are hard to see, so here are some close ups.
 I used parts of the chocolate box, chocolate wrapper, printed butterfly, plastic bag, scrapbook paper, and flier images to create this collage.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cloud 9 Lives

Not like me to make critter photo splices, but there's a start for everything, odd pictures serving well for calendars. 

Cloud 9 Lives is a play in wording, thought it fit the the image well. I used a photo of my cat and some clouds I took pictures of recently to create this.

The cat photo is what inspired the whole cat in the clouds thing. She was resting against an ironing mat on the table, really leaning the side of her head into it. She looked so comfy that I imagined it being like a nap on the clouds, hence the making of Cloud 9 Lives.

I have considered taking other photos of my cat and continuing this into a series of silly imagery, but for now this is what I got down as a concept and something outside of my normal theme zone.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Corn and Squash Fairy

The corn fairy, an idea inspired off the appearance of corn silk. I imagined the corn silk to be the long flowing hair of a woman, more specifically a corn fairy. Imagine little fairies clothed in corn kernels and husks, their hair appearing as corn silk. 
at first glance you would think all corn stocks contain an ear of corn, but look closer and you may see the fairies that hide in their own pod, the corn silk their hair sticking out of their cozy hiding place.
I have the noon day version, and above is the sunset version.

I've had the idea for years, reminded every summer when we get corn and tear off the husks. For me, this picture captures the beauty of summer, corn fields being a rather magical thing from my view, no matter the season.

I started this image early, reminded of the idea when I looked at my calendar and saw that this weekends full moon is called the corn planting moon.

I used images of botanical corn drawings and butterfly wings from the Graphics Fairy, used a basic photo of a corn field for the background, and the fairy herself is from a Nouveau motif collection.
 The squash fairy.

You'll find her tip toeing along the ground in her squash flower dress, tending to the vines and their fruit. Sometimes she'll collect the seeds in the folds of her skirt and carry them off to a dirt patch for planting. 
The thought of yellow squash fried in butter makes me love this all the more.

The corn fairy image inspired me to start a whole line of vegetable fairy themes. Flower fairies are already a popular theme, but I think vegetable fairies can be just as fun. This idea has made me enjoy the thought of gardens and warm weather, two things I don't normally like to go out into for various reasons.

I'm not sure how far I'll go with the series, but next in line may be a cabbage fairy.
I was unable to decide which I preferred, but here's a view of the no wing version of the squash fairy, It only felt right to give her wings though, otherwise she wouldn't be much of a fairy.

Image was created using botanical art of various squash plants, some selected grass ground from an old postcard, and the fairy being another Nouveau motif.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lagoona Water Power

As mentioned in the previous post, here are the extra scenes from the collection "Feeling Blue". I wanted to capture some scenes of Lagoona doing things at her desk besides crying and reading.

To the left is the elaborate version of "Water Power". I imagine Lagoona to have a few special abilities that come with being a sea creature (kind of like water types from Bionicle). I like the idea of her having an ability to control water and use it to heal. I also imagine she has a great singing voice that can hypnotize and lure people in. 

The glowing version is to show her practicing her water power at her desk, perhaps having read a few things in one of her books on how to form a healing orb. The original version is on the right.
I took a few extra pictures of her playing with water. Maybe she can randomly form water in her hands if she concentrates. :P I played around with the right version to see what it would look like in the style of Water Power. Results are below.
You only need to trust me.
Just to be silly, I ended my photo shoot with a photo shoot. Lagoona is doing the same thing I do, taking pictures of a toy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Feeling Blue-Lagoona Doll Picks

 Back on Monday I got my Lagoona Blue doll. I had a few ideas after opening the box and taking several test photos before trying out an actual photo shoot complete with props.

One of my ideas was to have a blue Lagoona, in the sense of feeling sad, a theme that matches her skin shade and last name.
 This sad sea creature has a lot of time on her hands, to read or take photos, but she's lonely despite all the things she can make. 

I took one of my favorite angles out of the collection to make the photos above. Her tears are actual water drops I dribbled on her face with a dropper, then with some filters I created some different mood settings. I used some smudge tool techniques and clone stamping in PSE to make her eyes appear wet and droopy, her eyebrows curled upward, and her lips curled down slightly.

During my first try, I only added one tear drop.
Didn't bother messing with her facial expressions for all of them. Perhaps in the non edited versions she's shedding tears of joy or is feeling emotionally moved by the book she's reading.
One tear made it seem like she was just starting to cry, so I tried out a few more for a different look.
I found I liked extra tears better. I know when I cry my eyes do drip like a waterfall, so imagine how many tears a water creature may let off.
I noticed the entire time of this photo shoot her eyes were kind of directed at the mermaid doll on the table.
You can see the original version of the image on the left which I used for the main "Feeling Blue" pictures at the beginning of the post.
The props I added to the table were based around what I do on a daily basis; look through books, haul around my purse, write in my journal, and also take photos of toys or other things of interest to me.
The final photo on the left contained the most dripping, like she had been crying a river which now drips from her cheeks, and chin. 

Extra scenes of Lagoona at her desk will be shown later. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mushrooms and Roses card-Mother's Day 2016

 since today is mother's day, I decided to make a card for my mom with her favorite things, pink roses and mushrooms.

Digital collage and texture layers have been fun, took me awhile to figure out how to do some of things I've been trying in PSE lately.

Imagery used to make the picture came from Graphics Fairy.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Fiery Manhattan Map Fashion

 This is a sister image of Cotton Candy Map fashion. Fiery Manhattan was my second idea, based around color. 

Same methods and techniques were used to make this fashion poster. I rather enjoy the style and theme, New York a fitting focus for a fashionista considering that's where the industry for fashion is.

I may experiment further with this series of Around the World/ Discovery Fashion. Who knows what other styles I could incorporate map texture into.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rag-Doll-the Batman

 Another unlike me kind of art piece with a half morbid twist.

As I continue watching Batman cartoons to pass the time, I find myself interested in the characters, one in particular rather creepy for the first moment he appears in his episode, "Ragdolls to Riches". Ragdoll is a bit like Scarecrow, only a contortionist thief, a not entirely threatening figure as far as role goes, but his appearance is what gave me an idea.

I thought to myself, what would a more realistic, textured version of Ragdoll look like? With the adjustment of his mouth sewn up with yarn instead of displaying perfect white teeth. How creepy would this guy be in a movie setting instead of a cartoon? I imagined he would be a rather disturbing sight to see, especially when he's squeezed up in a vent, staring through the grate.

I then asked myself how much more disturbing he would be if he weren't just a thief, but rather a psychopath with a desire to turn people into rag dolls. this resulted in the blood stained version above, a much too morbid concept for a cartoon, but a concept better equipped for an alternate Batman comic.
I made a regular version on the left, and a blood stained letter version on the right. The way I made this was by taking an image of the actual character from the cartoon, then selecting shapes from his from and adding texture on like a collage. 

I had fun adding the text and making it appear sewn together with the same yarn as Ragdoll's mouth. Never thought I'd find myself making Batman fan art. :P

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Night Life

"Night Life"

My original idea for this was to make a city scene and call it something like "Night City", but materials for that kind of picture weren't readily at hand. So instead I used a postcard image of a subway station and added in my batty travelers. 

I imagined a city, an entire universe even, where the cultures are based around night dwelling creatures. Some choose bats, some raccoons, some cats, others possum and many other choices such as flying squirrels.

The inspiration for this specific idea of people walking around in bat styled clothing came about because of my recent indulgence in watching The Batman cartoon series. 
Last night I dreamed of myself as a basic character in an episode, imagining Bruce Wayne to have visited my small apartment to discuss his interest in a few art pieces I've made, wanting to add a few to his so called modern art gallery. I then imagined him viewing a picture on the wall of bat people touring a city, asking if he can buy a print, enjoying an art piece that reminds him of his night job. Little did he know that my character made it because she was inspired by the Batman.

This day dream also came about because of a small thought of what if Batman lived in a city where it's normal to dress up as some kind of night creature and run around town in it. Everyone has a right to be a weirdo. :P

It's in this day dream that I embraced the idea to make that imaginary image a reality, sticking to the theme, but changing up the surroundings for "Night Life".

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cotton Candy Map Fashion

Cotton Candy Map Fashion.

I've been rather inspired by the maps from The British Library, and though I still want to try this technique as an actual collage, I enjoyed making a fashion piece out of maps in digital format. 

Everything but the 20's styled woman and the hat feathers are from the British Library. Feathers were made by me, and the vintage lady is from another vintage image collection online. 
Can't decide which version of the image I prefer, the one with the light blue map or the one with the green and brown. I'm leaning for the latter, but both could make a great greeting card or book cover (especially a book cover in my opinion).

I was inspired to make this when I first saw the pink colored map shaped like a high heel shoe. Most the map collection was used in the final piece, parts of it used for the background and pink overlay of the dress.

I also used a black and white map for the actual skirt of the dress, and adjusted other selections to match color scheme.

Extra Clear Inviso Twins

(May 2, 2016)

For a very long time I've put off scanning this collage. I forgot that I even made it, till recent rummaging brought me to it again. Extreme clear, the invisible twin brothers decide to play on a game show. These guys don't have to worry about having their best poker face, you wouldn't know anyway. :P

Made from a sheet of white card stock, an ad from a cars dealer, and two hoody pics from a sports clothing ad. Measures 8.5x11".