Friday, April 22, 2016

Pink Petal Pixie

 Yesterday's project was to play in the flowers and take pictures of a Polly Pocket doll dressed as a fairy. 
Her weight had to be balanced on the branches, but it was fun to pose her as best I could. Thankfully I got these photos before the rain came today. Happens every year, the flowers bloom, stay pretty for a few days or a week, then it rains and kills most the blossoms.
 The wings of my fairy are made from plastic, marker, and elastic thread.
 I got a few shots of the doll waving hello, then switched to her relaxing on the coral colored flowers.
I tried getting a good shot of the doll in a sunbeam, but like any pale object, she glowed so bright it was hard to focus, even after some adjustments.
I think this picture has to be one of my favorites. The daylight version is very happy and bright, but for fun I wanted to try some filters and create a night setting of it, shown to the right. 

I enjoy night scenes, and it seemed fitting to make one since tonight is a full moon which happens to be called the pink moon.

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