Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Neonapolis Sound Wave Bay

 Neon City, Sound Wave Bay at sunset. 

Last night during some song editing, I paused and noticed something interesting about the appearance of sound waves.
As I stared at the gray display of sound waves on the screen, I saw a city on a horizon, reflecting off water. I realized how perfect it was in theme, remembering my invention of Neon City, a place on an alien world where neon lights and music is what the entire culture is based on. 

It would only seem logical that their buildings would look like sound waves when viewed from a distance, the song complete when you see the buildings reflect on the water.

In concept, this would be the city in its golden years before the people had to flee to the dark side of their moon where the sun doesn't shine. It's a story I haven't fully worked out yet, but this is yet another concept which fascinates me.

To make the image I used blur and ripple techniques, some gradient filters, and digital painting to create city lights.

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