Friday, April 29, 2016

Mt. Macchiato-Molten Moon Mountain

Mt. Macchiato. 

A recent theme I've wanted to work on is art that's coffee based, for a possible dream coffee shop if I ever get one. One of the themes is coffee based landscapes, something I love to dream about.

The first thing that came to mind was a volcano that erupts coffee and steamed milk, hence the name Mt. Macchiato. I used a homemade texture of mine which reminds me of a volcano, then changed the colors. One day I plan on sharing the actual painting in its original form, plus an alternate idea that makes an equally interesting image aside from the volcano. For now though, the coffee edition of it helped me brainstorm.
 "Molten Moon Mountain"

I thought I would try making Mt. Macchiato in a different style, in this case digital collage using images from The British Library collection on Flickr. It's a good place to go for royalty free imagery, especially black and white pictures or maps.

I don't feel I achieved the coffee theme quite as I hoped in this version, so I named it "Molten Moon Mountain" instead. The basic version with no added tints holds an interesting science fiction vibe, like you're standing on a rocky terrain filled planet with an erupting volcano and a giant moon. 
 To try and heighten the coffee theme, I sepia tinted the image, which made it feel more like a very old book. Not quite coffee tinted, but with a little imagination, the smoke can represent steamed milk and the lava can be glowing streams of molten caramel.

Perhaps this can be a relative volcano of Mt Macchiato, instead called Mt. Mochaccino.

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