Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fallen Island

 During my browse through The British Library image collection on Flickr, I saw forms and shapes in maps that you might not expect to see at first glance.
These two specific maps held an odd organic appearance which reminded me of bone and tissue. This inspired me to combine the imagery into what looks like the body of an alien titan, a monstrosity of a creature, so large that it's fallen body became an island after it fell to its watery grave.

The fully organic version with no extra bone structure is displayed above, below are the additional bone structure versions. 
The idea is kind of a meld between Bionicle meets HR Geiger, meets Guardians of the Galaxy. 
The Bionicle part is the concept of a titan's body being somewhat submerged in an ocean, HR Geiger part is the alien aspect of it, specifically the rib cage and odd shape of the long fingered hand island. The skull part reminds me of that head in space from the Guardians of the Galaxy, that forbidden place that's being mined for the organic matter of the dead titan.
I'm not sure which I prefer the look of, the one with the skull or the one I call faceless. The faceless version makes me think of some sort of plant creature, much like Groot or the forest god from Hell Boy 2.
I wanted to try out some other techniques, so I made blueprint versions of the collection. It helps bring out certain details of the skull version you might not notice in the map version.
Hard to say which I prefer, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly in making this digital map collage.

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