Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Flowers

 April, the one time of year that has it's positive and negative traits. The positive side is all the pretty flowers that have bloomed on our yard bushes every year since the time I was a little girl. The negative side is the yellow pollen that snows from the trees and coats cars in a dust canvas waiting for an eager finger to create a smudge masterpiece, all the while making it hard to breath.
 I decided to step outside yesterday for a little air, and took some pictures of the flowers getting hit by sunbeams, the glow of them always eye catching, whether it be near sunset or in the moonlight.
The picture on the left is one of my favorites, like a big flower mountain waiting to be climbed.
 Personally though, the most odd in color are the purple pink blooms that come out of select buds among all the white and pink ones. I assume this particular color is sort of a cross between two different kinds.
 There's also the coral colored clusters which are extremely bright in sunlight, almost like pink fire.
 This particular flower makes me dream of a warm beach, ice cold tropical drinks, a coastline full of color, and hula girls.

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