Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Collage Collection

 "Fire Fairy Holiday"-Apr. 2, 2016

 At the beginning and near the middle of the month I spent a week just doing collage, managing to create seven before wearing down.

Fire Fairy Holiday was the first to be made, created using flier images, scrapbook paper, embossing, and jell pen.

I had been rummaging through my papers, and found two pictures that inspired me to make something fire themed. Somehow the background and character came together in such a way that the woman served best as some kind of mischievous fire fairy there to roast more than chest nuts and turkey during the holiday season. She spells disaster for the holidays, ready to eat your cake and cookies if you leave them on a plate. 

A funny backstory could come out of this. Some leave cakes and cookies out for other mythological creatures like Santa, but what would be the down side? Perhaps if you don't burn that special yule log with some herbal twigs that clog the nose of the fire fairy, she'll smell the sweets and fly down the chimney for something to eat, spreading flames along the way.
I used black scrapbook paper and embossing powder of copper and sparkly red to create the wings and gown of the fairy. It's not easily noticeable unless you see it for real, but I added some sparkly strands of hair to her head as well.
 "Fire Song"-Apr. 6, 2016

Fire song was the second collage I tackled, wanting to put the hansom guy in a picture. At first I was unsure of what environment to put him in, but as I went I found pictures which served well for a small apartment room with the main focus being about warmth and music. 

at first I though I would make the guy some kind of fire guard from the planet Fluce, a mythical world I thought of many years ago. I decided to change up the setting though when I found I had materials for an interesting apartment instead. 

I used fliers, magazines, and scrapbook paper to make this picture. All I can figure is this guy likes to work out, plays guitar, composes music, and is a fan of the guitarist on the wall poster hence why he has the same styled guitar. Who knows, maybe when the man isn't playing music or throwing darts at the wall mounted board, he actually is a guard....possibly a security guard.

It's unfortunate that his nose suffered some damage during art process. I did my best to cover it up with some peach marker. Guess I can say it's a scar or boo boo healing up.
"Break Time"-Apr. 11, 2016

Break Time is a mixed media piece made from flier images, scrapbook paper, jell pen, and embossing. Sadly the colors of copper and gold aren't captured well through the scanner.

I wanted to make something steampunk in style, my inspiration based around the woman breaking the clock hand. The general theme is to break time, shatter age. The way the woman looks with her almost menacing gaze makes me think of a witch from Stardust, a fitting role since they all seek to stay young forever.
(Left-"Bright Night City"-Apr. 9, 2016) (Right-"Light Board Race"-Apr. 10, 2016)

Bright Night City and Light Board Race are two collage pieces inspired by the concept of Neon City. I've had the idea to use some flier images of certain products which reminded me of city buildings.

Bright Night City just makes me think of a night on the town, having a good time no matter who's looking, feeling happy and in the spotlight in a city that's always glowing. I used a toothpaste, makeup, and bleach ad for the buildings and reflective street. I imagine Neon City to have shiny black streets that reflect the light. 
The sleeping pill blimp was a fun addition, and the moon is made from photo paper and marker. This was also my first try at using Stayzon ink for stamping. It's very helpful for stamping on glossy paper.

 Light Board Race is made from battery ads, the buildings suppose to be energy towers and power plants of this mythical world. 
A well known hover boarder speeds her way through the sky after base jumping off the highest energy tower she could find. Why Spider-Man is following her, who knows, perhaps she's wanted for base jumping off energy towers with her electrical board. It's a dangerous sport. I added Spider-Man more so to balance the colors of blue and red. 
since the energy towers are so prized, even ads for beauty products have to do with energy, hence the floating billboard for energized skin in the background. The floating billboards even have railed platforms so tourists can ride on them and have a tour of the city.
(Left- "Hygiene Chemistry"-Apr. 11, 2016) (Right- "Teachers Beware"-Apr. 10, 2016)

"Hygiene Chemistry" was a basic collage with very little purpose other than to keep a few images I liked, the college notebook sketches, stacked soap, and pleasant classroom image caught my attention. I cut and paste things together and in the end the subject became about hygiene and chemistry.

"Teachers Beware"....this one is symbolic, and can mean a number of things. It could connect to a story, a story about teachers being poisoned by a principle with a personal grudge. Or it can relate to other things like not trusting anyone who requires you to take something that could be toxic to your system. For a less dark concept, this collage could also fit the theme of Monster High dolls, making the coffin shaped bottles more fun. 
I used scrapbook paper, flier images, embossing, stamping, and jell pen to make this.

Fallen Island

 During my browse through The British Library image collection on Flickr, I saw forms and shapes in maps that you might not expect to see at first glance.
These two specific maps held an odd organic appearance which reminded me of bone and tissue. This inspired me to combine the imagery into what looks like the body of an alien titan, a monstrosity of a creature, so large that it's fallen body became an island after it fell to its watery grave.

The fully organic version with no extra bone structure is displayed above, below are the additional bone structure versions. 
The idea is kind of a meld between Bionicle meets HR Geiger, meets Guardians of the Galaxy. 
The Bionicle part is the concept of a titan's body being somewhat submerged in an ocean, HR Geiger part is the alien aspect of it, specifically the rib cage and odd shape of the long fingered hand island. The skull part reminds me of that head in space from the Guardians of the Galaxy, that forbidden place that's being mined for the organic matter of the dead titan.
I'm not sure which I prefer the look of, the one with the skull or the one I call faceless. The faceless version makes me think of some sort of plant creature, much like Groot or the forest god from Hell Boy 2.
I wanted to try out some other techniques, so I made blueprint versions of the collection. It helps bring out certain details of the skull version you might not notice in the map version.
Hard to say which I prefer, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly in making this digital map collage.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mt. Macchiato-Molten Moon Mountain

Mt. Macchiato. 

A recent theme I've wanted to work on is art that's coffee based, for a possible dream coffee shop if I ever get one. One of the themes is coffee based landscapes, something I love to dream about.

The first thing that came to mind was a volcano that erupts coffee and steamed milk, hence the name Mt. Macchiato. I used a homemade texture of mine which reminds me of a volcano, then changed the colors. One day I plan on sharing the actual painting in its original form, plus an alternate idea that makes an equally interesting image aside from the volcano. For now though, the coffee edition of it helped me brainstorm.
 "Molten Moon Mountain"

I thought I would try making Mt. Macchiato in a different style, in this case digital collage using images from The British Library collection on Flickr. It's a good place to go for royalty free imagery, especially black and white pictures or maps.

I don't feel I achieved the coffee theme quite as I hoped in this version, so I named it "Molten Moon Mountain" instead. The basic version with no added tints holds an interesting science fiction vibe, like you're standing on a rocky terrain filled planet with an erupting volcano and a giant moon. 
 To try and heighten the coffee theme, I sepia tinted the image, which made it feel more like a very old book. Not quite coffee tinted, but with a little imagination, the smoke can represent steamed milk and the lava can be glowing streams of molten caramel.

Perhaps this can be a relative volcano of Mt Macchiato, instead called Mt. Mochaccino.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pink Petal Pixie

 Yesterday's project was to play in the flowers and take pictures of a Polly Pocket doll dressed as a fairy. 
Her weight had to be balanced on the branches, but it was fun to pose her as best I could. Thankfully I got these photos before the rain came today. Happens every year, the flowers bloom, stay pretty for a few days or a week, then it rains and kills most the blossoms.
 The wings of my fairy are made from plastic, marker, and elastic thread.
 I got a few shots of the doll waving hello, then switched to her relaxing on the coral colored flowers.
I tried getting a good shot of the doll in a sunbeam, but like any pale object, she glowed so bright it was hard to focus, even after some adjustments.
I think this picture has to be one of my favorites. The daylight version is very happy and bright, but for fun I wanted to try some filters and create a night setting of it, shown to the right. 

I enjoy night scenes, and it seemed fitting to make one since tonight is a full moon which happens to be called the pink moon.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Flowers

 April, the one time of year that has it's positive and negative traits. The positive side is all the pretty flowers that have bloomed on our yard bushes every year since the time I was a little girl. The negative side is the yellow pollen that snows from the trees and coats cars in a dust canvas waiting for an eager finger to create a smudge masterpiece, all the while making it hard to breath.
 I decided to step outside yesterday for a little air, and took some pictures of the flowers getting hit by sunbeams, the glow of them always eye catching, whether it be near sunset or in the moonlight.
The picture on the left is one of my favorites, like a big flower mountain waiting to be climbed.
 Personally though, the most odd in color are the purple pink blooms that come out of select buds among all the white and pink ones. I assume this particular color is sort of a cross between two different kinds.
 There's also the coral colored clusters which are extremely bright in sunlight, almost like pink fire.
 This particular flower makes me dream of a warm beach, ice cold tropical drinks, a coastline full of color, and hula girls.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Neonapolis Sound Wave Bay

 Neon City, Sound Wave Bay at sunset. 

Last night during some song editing, I paused and noticed something interesting about the appearance of sound waves.
As I stared at the gray display of sound waves on the screen, I saw a city on a horizon, reflecting off water. I realized how perfect it was in theme, remembering my invention of Neon City, a place on an alien world where neon lights and music is what the entire culture is based on. 

It would only seem logical that their buildings would look like sound waves when viewed from a distance, the song complete when you see the buildings reflect on the water.

In concept, this would be the city in its golden years before the people had to flee to the dark side of their moon where the sun doesn't shine. It's a story I haven't fully worked out yet, but this is yet another concept which fascinates me.

To make the image I used blur and ripple techniques, some gradient filters, and digital painting to create city lights.