Monday, March 21, 2016

Building the Machine

 Building the machine, a collage that I hope to include in a series of collage pieces not yet made. I plan on calling the series Neonopolis (Neon City) as part of my Neon City concepts.

Eventually I may include these pieces into my Neon city journal if they fit. 

This collage was rather fun to make, and surprisingly spontaneous as I grabbed for images in front of me that all came together. 
I enjoyed the mysterious feel of the background, giving it a spooky space like a dark room with a form in the background, which either is a scientist or a fully built android. 
Building the Machine was a perfect title choice and I used clip art of perfume bottles to make my levitating lady bot, her form not complete.
I used images of a hair tool and vacuum cleaner to make a robotic arm with a magnetic needle, a devise which holds onto the android so she doesn't float off while the rest of her is being assembled.

The concept has left me with many ideas, and I hope to be sharing my progress of this series as I move along.

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