Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teal Blossom Tissue-junk journal

 Teal blossom tissue book. A junk journal made of tissue boxes, drawing paper, green graph paper, and O wires bound with the Bind-it-all.
 The pattern of the tissue box I used to make the cover happens to be my moms favorite, mostly because the colors, happening to be my favorites too.
I figured it was time I try using some of these materials and make my mom a notebook, something she's been wanting to keep in her desk for when it's needed. I kept it simple, knowing my mom prefers simple and useful over pocket filled and scattered.
 Thankfully I have a box of white O wires in 3/4'' size, a nice touch for the book (not to mention easier than sewing it).
 The inside cover took some choosing. I only had one tissue box with that particular pattern, one I happened to like myself, but decided I'd use it on this book since it matched so well, and could be forever till I found a better use for it. 

Only thing I had to do was cover up the puffs label with some craft tape, and distressed the edges of my cover with brown ink.
 I wasn't sure about adding graph paper at first, but decided it was a good idea, knowing my mom sometimes needs the graph paper for things like math scribbles and quilt block measurements.
 Adding a separator seemed like a good idea, made a place for holding business cards and extra notes.
 Plus the divider indicates where the next pile of graph paper is.
 All in all, I enjoyed myself and relaxed from the project, ready to tackle a few more things till I have less stuff in my stash. XD I still need to purge. 

And now for the video flip through, enjoy. ^_^

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