Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mochi and Tea- junk journals

 Mochi and Tea.

I'm still breaking into my stash trying to tackle some more book projects, and finally decided it was time to use up the pretty mochi boxes I've been saving. so far I've made these two albums and have enough to make a third with extras, possibly to sell.

I had fun adding in extra things like green tea packaging of different kinds, along with small Pepero packaging. It's a book to heighten the mood of tea time in a room with sliding doors and silk least that's where I'd like to be while filling these books with stories. :P

Enjoy the video flip through and following images.

 Fronts above, backs below. I didn't change anything on my covers, loving the natural gloss finish they have. My favorite album is the one to left, the browns and greens make me happy. I used two different brad colors, an off gold for the sesame one, and a copper for the peanut butter one.
 Eyelets were hammered into place to hold the elastic band closure.

 They stay closed rather well, and the spines are immediately inviting on a book shelf. The sesame edition is a much thicker book, containing an extra signature and a few items that add bulk.

 In the peanut butter mochi album, the first page is a pretty yellow pocket with tag made from scrapbook paper and box tabs. 
The inner cover of both albums is a piece of cardboard with wrapping paper that's been sealed with Liquitex satin varnish. I also inked the edges of the cover with a black stamp pad.
 You can see thickness difference of the peanut butter one on the left verses the sesame one on the right. Both have items that vary.
 For the peanut butter album I added a red Peppero box that serves as a signature with papers inside. I thought it looked nice next to the yellow pocket.
 A little brow on the edge of a page to compliment the brown paper of the peanut butter album.
 The peanut butter album has three tags total with room for extra things.
 I love the sesame album for the main page, a green tea bag with metallic gold on it. This specific kind of tea is very pleasant in taste.
 I carried the green tea and its color theme throughout the book.
 Added a little more green in with a grocery list. Fun thing about the lines going vertical instead of horizontal is that Asien writing can be written this way.
I carried the green and gold scheme and added a ginger tea I like.
The tea box was made to have a pocket for holding a tag.
 Yellow, gold, green, and orange, complimentary colors side by side.
 The jewelry bag was just the right peach color with green flowers, makes me happy and fits the theme.
 I'm glad I remember I had a green Peppero box in my stash, already painted and pocket ready, so I added that in.

 You can see the sesame book contains more tags and includes a small booklet.
The booklet happens to look like a green tea bag. I varnished this wrapper and glued it to some card stock cut to size, creating my little booklet with scrap papers from the project, then gave it a green thread closure.

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